Hard to ‘prioritise’ access for disabled at Walstead Cemetery

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Regarding Walstead Cemetery west side disabled access pathway.

At their meeting on October 29 Lindfield Rural Parish Council re-iterated concerns about unmarked burials and said little can be done to provide sufficient disabled access. They went on to say they are sympathetic and could prioritise plots with easier access for families with disabled members.

It is difficult to see how prioritising plots could be put in to practice.

A family member who is fit and able now may develop mobility problems in the future. If a plot had not previously been prioritised for disabled family members they would then be unable to access this plot.

Also it does not address the issues of those who want to attend burial services or access burial plots now.

Regarding unmarked burials, during this campaign the council have been asked a number of times (most recently on October 3) about a survey they had agreed to in October 2017 to identify unmarked burials. Also about any other surveys to identify unmarked burials on their proposed routes for a path.

To date they have not replied to these questions.

It is disappointing that after a nine month campaign which included a petition overwhelmingly calling for a disabled access pathway that Lindfield Rural Parish Council continues to reject a pathway which would allow those with mobility problems to safely get from the top to the bottom end of Walstead Cemetery west side.

I would urge anybody who feels strongly about the need for an access path for Walstead Cemetery west side to contact Lindfield Rural Parish Council directly to voice their concerns.

Colin Lucas

Stotfold Hitchin, Herts