Housing debate - Towns need influx of young families

Recent correspondents opposing further housing in Burgess Hill are, in my view, rather missing the point.

Any town needs a steady influx of young families if it is to thrive. They add to the skill pool for local businesses.

They provide additional consumers for local shops to enable them to prosper and expand.

Above all, they add to the revenue gathered through council tax to support local services that we all want.

Rather than opposing more housing what we should all be campaigning for is to ensure that the local infrastructure keeps up with the expansion.

We need to put pressure on the local councils to ensure that there are enough school places available and that the local transport network develops.

We need to put pressure on the utility companies to make sure that water, electricity and telecommunications keep pace.

We need to keep up the pressure on the NHS to make sure than primary, community and hospital services in the area develop to meet the demands not only of young families but of all members of the community are met.

Just saying ‘no’ to new housing is not enough.

We need to be more welcoming and progressive if Burgess Hill is to avoid the fate of becoming a community that is just aging and stagnating.

Paul Barnett,

Station Road,

Burgess Hill