Let’s vote no

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I have given up the idea of writing to my MP, Nicholas Soames about shale gas development, after receiving his email, in which he states that he sees shale gas as simply a money making investment.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, he believes that it can be extracted safely, and that the environment can be protected. Mr Soames is also in favour of £1.6million of taxpayers money being spent on a shale gas support fund, and supports the government in allowing shale gas exploration to commence without planning permission, so as to speed things up.

As the whole of Haywards Heath is built on shale rock, we are all at risk from these government policies. Currently, the poor people in Balcombe, who protested so strongly in the past about the awful plan to frack for shale gas in their area and ruin what is one of the most beautiful parts of Sussex, are now faced with having to protest all over again.

Many countries have banned shale gas development because it is unsustainable, causes irreparable damage to the land, causes health problems to people and animals as it pollutes the air and has a high risk of contaminating water supplies, causes major congestion on local roads, and increases carbon thus making climate change worse. There are so many other sustainable alternatives, so let’s vote to say no to fracking - or acidification as it is now called, and chose energy sources which are kind to our environment.

Maggie Organ

Wood Ride, Haywards Heath