LETTER: An opportunity is being missed

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Your letters

Letter to WSCC, CCMid Sussex Times

Planning Application WSCC/080/14/BH. Replacement of Bumpy Bridge,

Junction Road/St Wilfred’s Road, Burgess Hill

I wish to object to the proposal for a replacement foot/cycle bridge at this location.

It appears that no thought has been given to the need to provide a third East/West vehicular crossing in the town. This is badly needed and an opportunity is being missed here.

Until around 1972 the existing bridge was available to cars.(I used to use it myself). It was

subsequently reduced to pedestrian/cycle use after an allegation that it could not withstand the weight of motor vehicles.

With the forthcoming adjacent developments at both Keymer Brick & Tile works, and the development off of Kingsway, there will be a considerable increase in vehicle traffic. The opportunity should be taken to construct a new road bridge to replace Bumpy Bridge, maybe with a vehicle limit of 7½ tons.

The cost of this and associated works should be carried by the two developers, whose estates will produce a large increase in traffic around this location.

Should the opportunity not be taken now, it will be lost forever.

Mike Mundy, by email