LETTER: Are council surprised?

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Your letters

How strange that the MSDC seem to be surprised that the new ‘bypass’ has not proved popular with motorists.

I wrote to your paper at least two years ago that rising housing development on which the road was based would be a risky undertaking mainly because of the number of roundabouts one has to negotiate. The tragedy is that this project has seen the result of the local green areas devastated for weird looking houses obviously only affordable by well off people to the detriment of residents living in the area who are now denied open land for walking and exercising, all part of the quality of life. I ask the question what difference has all this made to the much quoted housing shortage. The tragedy is this creeping misuse of valuable farmland is still going on regardless.

What on earth was the use of town plans and public consultation which is always ignored?


Edward Road,

Haywards Heath