LETTER: ‘Astonished and disappointed’

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Your letters

The Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan has just been launched to encourage people who live in Wivelsfield to contribute to the discussion on how many houses will be built over future years.

We all realize the pressure to build more houses everywhere is steadily increasing, but this is a rural village, and hopefully most of us wan t to keep it like this, whilst accepting that more land does need to be given over to housing, but in appropriate places.

I am therefore completely astonished and quite frankly disappointed that our Parish Council are hoping that a piece of woodland is at the top of their list for offering to developers to build on. This land is in Slugwash Lane, a very narrow country lane, full of twists and turns and quite unsuitable for traffic over and above what it now carries. The Parish Council have rated this site as a “preferred development site”. I have lived in Wivelsfield for 45+ years, and always the houses on the north side of Green Road have been the northern boundary of the village. I cannot see any reason why this should be about to change. There are sites within the village already earmarked for the number of houses required under the present plan which must not be dismissed. Haywards Heath is extending southwards at an amazing rate, and every effort must be made to keep this village as rural as possible.

Audrey Wende,

Wivelsfield Green.