LETTER: Burgess Hill did us proud

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Your letters

Every year Committee members from our community group circle round the town, searching for the most attractive Christmas Garden lights.

We look for originality, ‘wow factor’ and most effort and imagination with a stunning display. The winners will be presented with the ‘Cathy Barnett Cup’ and be invited to our Spring Presentation Party.

This year Burgess Hill did us proud with many individuals and road groups competing to take the honours from Robin Road, who have won for the last few years. The judges were very impressed with garden lights in Station Road, Worlds End area and the western side of the town, but turning into Orchard Road crescent, we were met with so many beautiful lights from the whole crescent of houses, that we immediately made our minds up as to the winners for 2014.The spokesman turned out to be Mike Larcombe from 52 Orchard Road, who had decorated his house, and front and back garden. He reported that this year had seen many more houses joining in and the ‘lights bug’ had got to most of them. Well done to them all!

We hope that Burgess Hill gardeners will continue to beautify the town over 2015 and join in with our competitions in Spring and Summer, also supporting our charity Garden Safari in July. If you would like to meet us all, then catch up with us at our ‘Sign Up Day’ at South Downs Nurseries on Saturday 21st March, when you can discover all the benefits of belonging to our group.

Happy Gardening,

Cathy Barnett (Chairman, BHIB).