LETTER: Burgess Hill will become ‘a second rate nothingness’

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Your letters

What can one say?

It seems to me to be a case of déjà-vu. Remember Thornfield (Midsussex) Properties which cost the council tax payers £1.042 million when they went into liquidation -- and for that did nothing?

When I moved to Burgess Hill 40 years ago it was a country village with many shops. It was indeed a pleasure to live here. If -- and it’s a big if -- this project ever gets off the ground Burgess Hill will become a second rate nothingness -- neither a village nor a town. It seems to me that the developers have complete control over anything the Midsussex Planning Committee, or indeed Burgess Hill Town Planning Committee have to say or do. Housing projects are coming out of the woodwork with hundreds, if not thousands, of properties being built with little or no concern for the natives.

One question, perhaps, you can answer. In the past, if we were lucky enough to have a really hot summer as we did quite often, what happened? We had a hosepipe ban with pictures on our TV of Ardingly Reservoir nearly dry. With all the new houses where is the water coming from if the summer is really hot? Stand pipes in the street? It did happen then on occasions and went on for four or five months.

As to the proposal -- eight screen cinema and a hotel -- it beggars belief that the District Council Planning Committee are even considering it. I agree much could be done to brighten the place up but, to me, what is proposed is beyond comprehension.

If you download the background of New River Retail you could well ask what they actually do. A quote from the information -- “New River has a clear investment strategy focussed on driving income returns and delivering results for our shareholders ....” The head office is in Guernsey.

Finally there have been many occasions that Burgess Hill Council have made what I consider were genuine proposals to make changes in the town. These were thrown out by the District Council Planning Committee. To me it is a case of playing politics and for no other reason.

Like me have you ever asked yourself who are these people? What are their qualifications? ... or do they just employ outside consultants with a money no object policy? We expect our servants to have high moral standards, integrity and honesty. However we so often see from our MP’s that ugly word greed creeps into the equation. I believe this is called democracy.

Dennis Broom

Mansion Close

Burgess Hill