LETTER: Burnside day centre Consultation

Your letters
Your letters

I wanted to update your readers on the Burnside day centre.

As you will be aware we recently held a consultation on the future of the centre.

I would like to thank everyone who took part.

Your views are really important in helping us to decide on the best way forward.

This consultation has helped to show us just how important the day service is to users.

We are currently considering all the responses received. Over the next few months we will be working with the centre’s users so they continue to be involved in the future of the service.

We’ll share the results of the consultation and discuss with them how the service develops. We’ll also use our website to keep the wider interested public up to date with developments.

I understand that as with any potential change there are concerns. I’d like to reassure users, their families and carers, and the community that no decisions have been made about the future of Burnside.

I also want to say that nothing will change in the short term. We are setting no time limit on how long the review of the service takes and nothing will change without us talking to all the users.The County Council wants to improve the service it offers people using the day centre. If anyone wants to find out more about this please call us on 03302225855.

Peter Catchpole, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health