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Your letters

Recently an article about the OFSTED report received by Norto5 KIDZ in Cuckfield was published in the Mid-Sussex times.

While I have always had a great respect for the newspaper I was disappointed that the journalist who wrote the article did not take time out to do any fact checking or review with ourselves- because if they had done so, they would have written a far more balanced article.

An OFSTED inspection report is based on a snapshot of a few hours where an inspector comes to the setting unannounced and observes how the nursery is run before making his or her assessment.

The inspector is then required to review his/her findings with management and based on the inspection and this discussion, they publish their findings.The fact that this OFSTED report was published without our input has been brought to the attention of the Family Information Service who sympathize but the damage is now done.

The day before the inspection, we had just introduced a new online child development application which was recommended to us by other Early Years practitioners.

This application:

- Allows nursery practitioners to make and store observations on the children.

-Generate suggested development plans which are for each individual child.

- Communicates the observation to the parents who can then also observe their child at home and communicate back to the key worker if necessary.

On the day that the OFSTED inspector came, all of our staff were a little involved with learning the new program and this has been clearly misinterpreted by the inspector as not being supportive enough to the children’s needs.

As confirmation of how important this program is to the development of the child, one parent at Cuckfield setting recently wrote to us saying “The online system provided by the nursery is fantastic and it keeps us up to date on a daily basis with our children’s progress and development.”

I openly invite any of your readers to come and have a chat to the staff and the parents at Norto5 KIDZ in Cuckfield to see the strides that we have made in caring for the children.

Harley Bird


Norto5 Limited