LETTER: Could we become part of park?

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Your letters

I have just returned from a skiing trip to the railway town of Jasper in Alberta, Canada which is in Jasper National Park.

While I was there Dave Gibson, the CEO and President of the local ski area, Marmot Basin, told me that both tourists and local residents living in the park – and in neighbouring Banff National Park - drop less litter than elsewhere. “They feel guilty about dumping their rubbish in a national park” he said. Perhaps Haywards Heath should be included in the South Downs National Park so that our local residents could feel a little more guilty about dropping so much rubbish in Victoria Park and nearby streets where my wife regularly collects and disposes of garbage carelessly and selfishly chucked out by passers-by.Many years ago the charismatic headmaster of my school in Canterbury, Christopher Rieu picked up some rubbish a motorist had just thrown out of his car window and said “You’ve dropped this!” “I don’t want it” said the driver. “Neither does Canterbury!” said Rieu. And neither does Haywards Heath!

Arnie Wilson

Ashenground Road

Haywards Heath