LETTER: ‘Councils being led by their noses’

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Your letters

It seems to me that the problem with this plan is that there is no leadership from either Burgess Hill Town or Mid Sussex District Councils. Instead of saying to developers “This is what is required”, they seem to be being led by their noses and told “This is what you are getting, whether it is appropriate or not”.

The developers are on the lookout for themselves and not for the good of the town or its inhabitants. This can be seen in the non-replacement of the Martlets Hall and in the proposal to remove two car parks just as American Express are moving back to the town with around one thousand employees. How many extra cars will this bring in? I doubt the American Express building will have enough parking spaces to accommodate them all. It should be made clear to the developers that, until such time as the impact of all the extra vehicles on parking in the town has been assessed and suitable provision made, there must be no reduction in the number of car parks in the town. There must also be a proper assessment of the impact on Queens Crescent and Chanctonbury Road should a replacement Lidl store be built on the car park in Wolstonbury Way. I would also question why a multi-screen cinema is always the preferred entertainment option for developers. Why can they not provide a bowling alley, or some other physical activity? Come on Councils, don’t be bulldozed into accepting a fifth-rate bodge of a “plan”.

John Barton

Chanctonbury Road

Burgess Hill