LETTER: Ensuring sufficient school places are available is vital

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Your letters

In last week’s letters J T Georgeson makes an excellent point in relation to school places and the development of new houses in Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common.

Ensuring that sufficient school places can be provided for local children is a vital aspect of village life that the Parish Council frequently reviews with WSCC, the responsible authority.

The Parish Council is very grateful to residents for voting in such overwhelming numbers to put in place a Neighbourhood Plan which gives local people some control over the numbers of new houses that are built in the future. Hopefully MSDC will complete the formality of ‘making’ the Plan next month and we will then be in a position to work with WSCC on planning the availability of the right number of school places with far greater certainty than if the plan had failed.

Our estimates in putting the plan together indicated that the current three form entry primary school in Hurstpierpoint will have sufficient places for local children including those expected to occupy the new houses supported in the plan. However we know very well that there is no room for complacency and we will continue to work hard with WSCC and the St Lawrence school governing body to try to make sure that no primary age child is forced by a lack of places to go to a school outside their local community.

Stephen Hand, Vice Chairman, Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common Parish Council

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