LETTER: Gatwick Express has been brilliant

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Your letters

I am writing with regard to commuting from Haywards Heath to Victoria.

The chronic unpunctuality of the 7.51am is indisputable and must be hugely annoying and frustrating for the relevant passengers and one hopes that as senior management at Southern Railways are now aware of the problem it will permanently be rectified. However I have been commuting to Victoria from Haywards Heath since 1971 and I am fortunate that I travel on earlier trains and whenever possible I take the Gatwick express. For many years the train service has been brilliant including punctuality, cleanness, quietness and since elimination of the old slam door trains, safer.

Due to mostly variable work related hours but also social occasions, sometimes the time of the return journey varies however the same high standards previously mentioned also apply then. The frequency of trains to Haywards Heath from Victoria is probably the very best in the South East therefore I am always able to be seated for the entire journey.A last point the rail staff, at Haywards Heath station including those at the ticket office, the barriers and on the platform in my experience are extremely helpful courteous and accommodating.

Glenn Lyons

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