LETTER: Hassocks parking warning

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I want to warn those who park at Hassocks Station to be careful not to park in any area which is not designated as a parking space with lines.

Even with a parking ticket paid for and clearly showing on the dashboard, Meteor Car Parking employees are issuing tickets or parking charge notices which in effect are £50 plus fines for cars parked other than in designated spaces.

In particular most weekdays there are about ten cars parked along the long fence at the car park on the east side of the station.

These are probably paying about £47 between them each day for the parking (about £235 a week) but worse if each gets a parking fine and pays £50 then the fine fees add up to £2,500 a week. What a nice little earner!

Hassocks residents are acutely aware of the severe on road parking problems that there are in Hassocks brought about mainly by the insufficient parking provided at Hassocks Station.

There are ten perfectly good parking spaces possible along this fence. I wonder why they are not official spaces?Jane Baker Ditchling Road, Clayton, Hassocks