LETTER: I agree with letters on this subject

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Your letters

Can I say how much I agree with the letters from Mr Mike Mundy and Mr Alan Parmenter in the Middy dated 18 December about the replacement for the Bumpy Bridge.

I understand that the new pedestrian bridge is designed to last for120 years.

It is surely extremely shortsighted, to put it mildly, not to at least give future generations the opportunity of opening it up for vehicular access even if it is not currently required.

As Mr Mundy pointed out this becomes even more important given the very large developments taking place in the East of Burgess Hill.

Indeed consideration of traffic movement from the developments mention the desirability of providing quick, regular mini­bus services to the town


I have raised this issue in Council and have been told that the decision to agree to a pedestrian bridge was made by Burgess Hill Liberal Democrats on the County Council prior to the elections in 2013.

No reason has been given as to why the Conservative Councillors, who replaced them almost two years ago, have not made serious representations to have this ridiculous decision re­visited.

Finally Mr Mundy is spot on with his suggestion that the new bridge should be paid for by developers as part of infrastructure requirements.

Councillor David Andrews (Labour)

Oak Hall Park,

Burgess Hill