LETTER: Late and cancelled trains - a typical commute

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Your letters

Further to your article on the Brighton line train which was late every day last year.

I live in North Chailey and have been commuting to London, from Haywards Heath, for a little over twenty years. Given the location of my office, in Clerkenwell, I have little option but to use the Thameslink service. Yesterday was a fairly normal day. The 0627 was cancelled - nothing sets one’s day up quite like an 0530 alarm call, in order to get an early start to the week, only to find your train cancelled. The1733 back to Haywards Heath arrived 16 minutes late. Frankly, arriving home 16 minutes late is no less frustrating or annoying than arriving home 30 minutes late. However, Thameslink only compensate us for delays of over 30 minutes. This evening, the 1733 arrived at Haywards Heath 11 minutes late. Last week I was fined £90 for parking in my own parking space, the one which I had only recently paid £1,400 to park in. Even though I was displaying my temporary parking permit (the correct permits have not arrived) I had to write to the car park company begging for leniency and then prove to them that I had paid for said temporary permit. They relented. Looking forward to the 0627 tomorrow!

Tony Ash

North Chailey