LETTER: Lindfield church - I had to check it wasn’t April fools

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Your letters

When I logged on to the Middy web site and saw the piece about Lindfield Church I had to look at the Calendar to see if it was April the first.

I am 85 and was in the choir when the Rev Sidney Swan was vicar. I was five, ten years later I was head choirboy I was confirmed there married there and my daughter was married there. Come on Lindfield residents you can not let this happen, you live in a Wonderful Village with the Common one of the best recreational grounds in the district also the King Edward Hall the best hall around so you do not need another, or is it finance that is making it happen. During the War the front four rows on the Pulpit side all ATS and all the Soldiers that were on church parade from Paxhill camp came as well so I doubt whether the congregation now is larger than that.

If it is finance have you thought of asking for a licence and then you could have the Wedding and Reception in the same place?

Derek Bacon,

Junction Road ,Burgess Hiil