LETTER: Link road idea is ‘ill-conceived’

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Your letters

With regard to the letter regarding the Burgess Hill Bumpy Bridge. (Middy dated 18 December).

To my knowledge the road over the Bumpy Bridge has never been a public through road.

Up until 1929 it only served Blackhouse Farm and the railway cottage adjacent to the west side of the bridge.

There was a public footpath linking this private road and Mill Road.

This footpath became St Wilfrids Road in 1930 for a housing development on the South side and the road was adopted by Burgess Hill Urban District Council in 1936.

As a resident of St Wilfrids Road, I find your letter writer’s proposal to provide a road link from the East side of the town to the West via the Bumpy Bridge and St Wilfrids Road, ill conceived.

The current access to Mill Road from St Wilfrids Road is a potential accident black spot.

Traffic from Noel Rise and Blackhouse Lane also use this junction.

The roads in this area are also used as a car park by commuters from Wivelsfield Station.

Where does your reader think all this additional traffic will go to when it gets to Mill Road? Park Road and Crescent Road are already congested and Mill Road is virtually a single track between Middle Way and Cyprus Road and joins Station Road at the point where it crosses the railway.

If a new footbridge is required, I hope its design will allow future generations of children to be able to watch and wave to the trains.

Laurie Page

St Wilfrids Road

Burgess Hill