LETTER: Lovely trip down Memory Lane

Your letters
Your letters

I just wanted to say how well I thought you put together the Memory Lane page in the Middy 28.05.15.

In the last year, the Nostalgia pages have been a bit random – often just pages of grainy photos from the Middy archive – but I thought the photos and your piece on the VE celebration and the ’30s were lovely and very interesting.

The photo of the horse drawn float looks familiar from our archive but interesting to publicise the West Sussex Past website. The horse’s wonderful harness with all those beautiful hame bells reminds me that we have some similar ‘rumbler bells’ in our agriculture case – one brought in by a metal detectorist from a local field.

It would have been part of a heavy horse’s harness and it still rings or rumbles – you can see where one side of the bell is polished where it would have rubbed against the leather of the harness.

Phillipa Malins

Cuckfield Museum, Queen’s Hall, High Street, Cuckfield