LETTER: Lucky to have wonderful ambulance service

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Your letters

I have had to call the ambulance three times in the last few weeks to have very necessary help in difficult situations. I do want to express my pleasure in how all these calls were executed.

Lucky to have wonderful service

The time they all took to reach our home was so fast. On one occasion I had only just finished speaking to the call centre, when the Ambulance was at my door, before I had been able to come downstairs. The other two occasions they were so fast in arriving too.

All the crews without exception were so caring and efficient in dealing with the problems that had occurred. I feel that we are simply so lucky to have such a wonderful service to call upon. The crews were simply remarkable in every case. Encouragement to the patient was uppermost in their care.

I feel it is needed to just praise their service and say how it was appreciated by both my husband and myself.

A Elvin

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