LETTER: Moral standards replaced by greed

Your letters
Your letters

Your article (May 14) regarding the farmer who rejected developers’ £275 million to buy 550 acres to create a new town of 10,000 homes.

If one gives the matter a little thought, I ask myself “how is it that the developers offer this sort of money unless they are sure the Council’s Planning Committee will give them planning permission - or have already done so, which is more than likely?” Now think on ... The Planning Committee -- who are they? Are they qualified, or, as I suspect, employing consultants (at considerable cost to the tax payer) to carry out the necessary legal and technical requirements of such a huge project?

Then another thought came into my mind. Who are the consultants? It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the same consultants could also be employed by the developer creating a win/win situation.

“That’s a bit far fetched” I hear you say. The days of high moral standards, integrity and honesty have been replaced by GREED -- at who’s expense? Why, we the tax payers, with apparently no opportunity to have our say.

Finally, Mr Watson’s comment - “The Council should be able to make the decisions, not the developers”. I like the word “should”. What the hell are they there for? No, it is blatantly obvious when one sees the amount of house building projects going on in Mid Sussex that the so-called Planning Committee is, to all intents and purposes, redundant and not fit or capable. The developers have complete control.

Dennis Broom

Mansion Close

Burgess Hill