LETTER: Once again I have nothing but praise for hospital team

Your letters
Your letters

Readers of the Mid Sussex Times may recall my letter that you published following a back operation in Hurstwood Park Princess Royal in November 2013 praising highly each and every member of the team for the excellent care and attention I received.

Now, what would have been exactly a year to the date and time (spooky) save for a one day postponement, and following gruelling Chemotherapy and numerous scans, I have undergone what the surgeon described as one of the most major operations you can have, a successful open oesophagectomy to remove a cancerous tumour, at the RSCH Brighton. Once again I have nothing but praise and gratitude for each and every member of the team and in particular the skills of the

surgeons and the kind and caring attention I received in the HD unit

It would be churlish to let a two hour wait for my prescription drugs to arrive to detract from all the other positives, so once again a huge thank you to each and every one of you, your skills, dedication, caring, patience and understanding are second to none!

Dave Hollingdale

c.c. RSCH Brighton