LETTER: Parish did not choose most ‘sustainable’ sites

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Your letters

Ballot papers are landing so that those who live in Hurstpierpoint can vote on the Neighbourhood Plan for our area.

The Parish Council hasn’t listened to our concerns yet so this might be our only change to have our say! I attended the planning appeals for the local housing proposals and it was clear that the Parish Council did not take advice it was given in an expert report called a “Sustainability Appraisal” This assessed each of the development sites which could be included in the plan to provide the houses we have to build here.

But instead of selecting the sites which came out best and most ‘sustainable’ the Parish chose other sites and gave no explanation as to why this expert advice was ignored. Thousands actually signed petitions against some of the housing sites they ended up selecting!Now those thousands finally get a chance to be heard – use your ballot papers on Thursday 12th February and say NO to this plan. Every resident gets a vote so use it to make your stance.

Mrs J. Westwood

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