LETTER: Plan has become ‘divisive’ in village

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Your letters

The residents of Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common have the opportunity to vote for the Neighbourhood Plan on 12th February as part of localism and democracy.

This plan has become divisive in Hurstpierpoint with the Parish Council supporting the development of 200 houses at Little Park and Chalkers Lane yet refusing permission for 81 houses at College Lane despite a report from the parish council’s own landscape advisors that College Lane had ‘a medium capacity for development’ whereas Little Park had ‘a low capacity for development’. Both Little Park and Chalkers Lane will have direct access roads to Cuckfield Road which cannot take any more traffic in the rush hour especially with the increasing number of day pupils being driven to Hurst College. I just hope no-one needs the Fire Service during peak periods because they won’t be able to get out on to Cuckfield Road. Our local primary school, St Lawrence, has increased places by a third yet is already over subscribed. Once houses at Little Park and Chalkers Lane have been built it will most likely be children from the College Lane area who, due to distance from the school, will be less likely to obtain a place. I suggest that looking forward College Lane is considered as a suitable site for a second primary school in the village. For the balance of the whole parish, Sayers Common needs to take more housing as its highway structure is more suited to support development and the issues of drainage could be resolved in the medium term or certainly before 2031 when the Neighbourhood Plan supposedly expires. Surely it is better for Sayers Common to grow as an independent village rather than risk being swallowed up as part of the awful MayfieldMarket Town proposal.

Deborah Carter

By email