LETTER: Please take down these signs

Your letters
Your letters

Surely we get the point! Please take down these signs.

The amounts of traffic created on Rocky lane is dangerous.

The reasons are as follows; There are insufficient signs warning drivers of the now 30 miles an hour speed limits in the residential areas of Rocky Lane. Traffic speeds through as though they are on a duel carriage way and surprised by traffic turning into residential estates. This becomes apparent from traffic travelling behind motorist who beep their horns at motorists turning into new estates. There are new traffic lights outside of Cedar Ave that have not been turned on, therefore residents take their life into their own hands when trying to cross this now busy road. This road, especially now the traffic is encouraged to use as a relief road, is becoming very dangerous indeed and an accident waiting to happen.

Take the ‘use the relief’ signs down and police the road accordingly, it is far to fast with motorists breaking the speed limits!

A concerned parent and resident.

Mrs Nolan, by email