LETTER: Princess Royal care was amazing

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Your letters

After my recent experiences, I would like to thank our wonderful hospitals and dedicated staff.

Much has been made in the press recently highlighting the pressure that the service is under. In spite of this, when needed, it does not fail us. During the peak period before Christmas my elderly friend was admitted, in spite of all best efforts she died four days before Christmas. The care she had was amazing, she died with dignity and in comfort.Ten days after Christmas I needed an X-Ray on my knee, off I trotted with a piece of paper from my GP and was dealt with in twenty minutes. Job done.

Two weeks ago my grand-daughter was taken ill, rushed to the PRH, seen in less than a minute and transferred to Brighton, again the care and attention both she and the family received was gold plated. There will always be peaks and troughs in any public service, it is the old case of supply and demand. We demand so much from our health service, we forget that if there is an epidemic affecting the population it is also affecting the very staff that run the service and it is then inevitable that pressure increases.

It is time for the general public to stand back and see the whole picture.

The NHS is always there for us when we desperately need it.

Cllr Pru Moore

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