LETTER: Proposal is a 1970s design

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Your letters

We should like to complain about the proposed development of Burgess Hill.

The Martlet’s is well built and a prime facility for the town.Why demolish it? Where are we going to see the shows and pantomines? The other halls are far too small. Also the library has just been refurbished.The office block opposite Iceland could be converted into flats, why get rid of a building which is well constructed. On a recent visit to Scotland,we found a number of magnificent enclosed town centres, the size,or even less than Burgess Hill. These contained most of the major retail stores. They need to be enclosed to stop vandalism. What is being proposed is a 1970’s design.

The town also needs another leisure centre, the one we have is far too small for the size of the town. They should never have got rid of the pool in St.John’s park.

There could also be a bowling complex, or a ice rink. The nearest ice rink is Guildford!The gasometer is a eyesore & should be demolished.It would be a ideal site for a housing development. Responsibility to remove it should be the National Grid, who inherited it!

Robert & Pat Wright

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