LETTER: Residents should not be fooled into thinking the majority agrees

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Wivelsfield Parish Council have stated their consultation on their pre submission neighbourhood plan.

It is being stated that the plan reflects the views of the majority of residents but there is scant evidence for this.

Assuming not one of the visitors had more than 1 comment to make in the site selection suggestion box at the Open Day in June 2014, then just 2.5% of resident’s views have been captured (an average of five comments for each proposed site).

The community survey statistics are also being quoted as a 27% return but this actually represents a response by households not by the number of residents.

The questions and responses also do not relate to the criteria used to determine the site allocations.

Residents wanted infill housing, and 83% of residents completing the survey wanted no more than 30 homes in the village so why is the Parish Council advocating ribbon development of 48 homes not 30?

The survey report is not available on the website for residents to review and most of the residents have been unaware of the work that has taken place since July - there has been no communication since then.

The Parish Council had also planned to consult on the site allocations in September before releasing the pre submission plan but this consultation was cancelled.

Nothing seems to represent the views of residents so where has all of this come from?

Perhaps it really reflects the views of the Neighbourhood Planning Group?

Residents should not be fooled into thinking that the majority agrees with this plan or with the propaganda that it is trying to persuade us that this is in the best interests of the village.

Petra Carroll,

by email