LETTER: Shocking decision

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Your letters

The decision to build 210 houses on a greenfield site at Penland Farm finally came down to an experienced and qualified bureaucrat, who still managed to come up with the wrong answer.

The ability to ignore the opinions of the local councils who previously rejected this planning application and the majority of local people’s views is unbelieveable as well as shocking.

Yet again local views regarding protecting the countryside are bulldozed aside to cater for the views of the money grabbing developers who seem to have hit the jackpot over planning proposals.

I noticed a mention of a lack of a five year housing plan and affordable housing is thrown into justify the decision. This combined with Cuadrilla, Gatwick Airport and property developers is basically more creeping urban sprawl. Do we need a countryside? Why not fill in all the gaps between the Mid-Sussex towns and become a Crawley or a Brighton suburb.

We can always bring nature into the new city and build a park.

Owen McDonough