LETTER: Staggered by increase in dangerous parking

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Your letters

Could Haywards Heath Town Council (or West Sussex County Council) please explain why we now have a series of ridiculous looking “stub” double yellow lines, set at 90 degrees to the main road markings, at the top of The Broadway, in Haywards Heath?

Does someone actually believe that the people who now routinely flout the law and park across pavements and grass verges would take any notice of these short lines across the kerbs? The normal double yellow lines are there for all to see. No, what we need are more traffic wardens who will actually fine offenders.

These wardens should also be employed to work shifts to cover evenings and weekends when it seems “anything goes” on

the parking front.An alternative would be to install bollards immediately behind the kerbs. Although this would require a high initial cost, the saving on footpath and verge repairs would cancel out this cost over a few years. My wife and I regularly walk around Haywards Heath and are staggered by the increase in inconsiderate and dangerous parking, a lot of which damages the grass verges and puts mud on the footpaths. There are occasions when we are forced into the road to pass vehicles which are completely blocking footpaths. It seems it is now the norm for a lot of drivers to think that parking a vehicle involves putting two wheels (or four) on the pavement or verge.

Something must be done about this situation. Footpaths are not designed or constructed to take vehicular loads so it is not surprising to see large sections of our footpaths which are cracking and

sinking as a result of this new parking practice.

R Wilson, Haywards Heath

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