LETTER: Suggestion prevented by legislation

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Your letters

I am writing in response to the letter from Janice Henwood and her suggestion that income from car parking charges is used to improve leisure facilities in Burgess Hill.

It is very important to note that Government legislation prevents Councils from using income from car parks to fund investment in leisure centres.

However, Mrs Henwood may be aware, if she has viewed the Council’s budget for 2015/16, as a result of prudent and robust financial management this Council agreed on 25 February 2015 to invest £600k next year in all the leisure centres across the District and another £400k in the following year to complement the £1.75m already invested in the centres this year by new contractors PfPL.

This is of course is in addition to £250k the Council spent on improving pavilions since 2011 and over £1 million invested in our parks and open spaces last year.

Cllr Pru Moore

Mid Sussex District Council