LETTER: Thank you from Labour candidate

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Your letters

I would like to thank the thousands of Labour voters who turned out in Mid Sussex last Thursday to vote for me in the General Election and fellow party members standing in Local Elections.

Without your support we would not have beaten every other party apart from the Conservatives, and finished with second highest share of votes in the Parliamentary Election.

However, the final outcome is a massive problem for democratic debate. Nearly 50,000 people in Mid Sussex have no alternative voice. At every level of government the Tories are virtually unopposed: at county, district or town level throughout Mid Sussex there are almost no representatives from any other party.

The impact of such an outcome is that there will be little transparency and virtually no debate on any issues in Mid Sussex. There is quite simply no opposition voice and therefore no checks and balances on the issues that affect us all locally, for example:-

Redevelopment of the Martlets complex In Burgess Hill

Uncontrolled house building on precious green field sites in Haywards Heath

Gridlocked traffic in Felbridge and East Grinstead.

And across the constituency there will be no hope for turning back the privatisation of our hospitals, opposing greater cuts to services such as those for the elderly, escaping the low wage economy that drives reliance on in-work benefits and food banks, ending cuts to benefits and fighting retention of the heart-breaking bedroom tax.

For the Conservatives in Mid Sussex the only way is down. They cannot scare-monger any more. In future they have no one else to blame for decisions. I call upon the Conservatives, particularly Gary Wall to show leadership now. As leader of the district council he must reach out to the community to get a sense of what is important, rather than relying on his own Party bubble.

And ultimately there is a better way forward. Those of you who voted Labour, join us and help us to continue growing (http://www.midsussexlabour.org.uk/). Together we can make Mid Sussex better for all.


Mid Sussexconstituency Labour Party’s 2015 parliamentary candidate