LETTER: Thanks for help

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Your letters

With the present problems in the NHS, I would like to express my thanks to staff at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

On the 6th of Jan, I attended the hospital for a scan, but unfortunately afterwards due to a misunderstanding, became separated from my partner.In my efforts to find her, and because by now it was dark I became disorientated and got lost. Fortunately I was found by Calvin who was just going off duty, together with the help of two other healthcare workers he found me a wheelchair and took me to A&E.

Thanks to them, the A&E nurse and the security staff my partner and I were reunited.

It is reassuring to know that these NHS workers were prepared to help me even outside their working hours.

Both of us are most grateful to those who were involved.

Roy Riches, Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath