LETTER: The impact on the natural world is never discussed

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Your letters

By now most of us are familiar with the inevitable effects of a second Gatwick runway will have on the quality of our lives in Sussex.

The facts cannot be ignored - more houses, hospitals, schools, industrial estates roads, traffic, noise and pollution from both traffic and aircraft all within an already overstretched part of the county.

Even now we have to constantly battle driving anywhere, battle parking, battle to see the doctor, or sometimes battle even to find a seat on a train - and so the list goes on.

It is hard to imagine the massive impact another Gatwick runway will have on what was one of the most attractive counties in England. Besides don’t we already have enough aircraft filling our skies with 30,000 flights a day over Europe?

What politicians, developers and the media never discuss are the effects all this uncontrolled growth have on the natural world. It’s as if nature doesn’t exist.

Every additional house or person, from wherever they come, means animals and plants are displaced in their already shrinking habitat, so they almost certainly die or are unable to breed to sustain the species. In so doing we are also destroying the natural beauty that helps us to relax and sustain the human spirit.

What is so terrifying is that there seems to be no limit as the life of our Sussex countryside is insidiously destroyed in front of our eyes. We are so short-sighted.

As a wise man prophesied some 150 years ago “In a hundred or so years hence there will be no tigers and hummingbirds, and we will be perplexed by a world in which there is nothing except but what we have made” An understatement I suspect!

Stephen Dalton, by email