LETTER: This is not just about our village

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Your letters

If Mr Thomason thinks there will no more protests just because FFBRA have lost the Judicial Review he is quite naive.

To take Cuadrilla’s word that they will not frack in Balcombe so should be allowed to test is not an option I cannot even begin to comtemplate. Yes I am a NIMBY but I am also greatly concerned not only for myself but what we would be facing in disruption, traffic, obnoxious fumes and damage to the fabric of our village which already has thousands of cars and lorries thindering through it.

How wonderful of Mr Thomason to be so altruistic in saying we need the oil for the good of this country. Has he not followed the news? We are awash with oil, world economies are shrinking and the world is warming up. We need to subside renewable energy not second-rate companies like Quadrilla who now have abandoned their first well and is now spewing out toxic matter.

He thinks just because objections came from outside the village then the protest is invalid? This is not just about Balcombe, it’s nationwide. It includes Scotland and Wales who do not want fracking but we are up against a Government who have vested interest in seeing it through?

We might be a few who signed up to FFEBRA but we are the mouse who roared and we won’t give up.So the protesters won’t go away. More people than ever are informed. This issue will not disappear.

Manuela Warburton

London Road, Balcombe