LETTER: Traffic levels have returned

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Your letters

I was interested to read in last week’s Middy that the now commonplace traffic tailbacks in South Road were further exacerbated by failed traffic lights in the Muster Green one way system.

Prior to this I had noticed that high traffic levels in South Road appeared to have returned having been reduced following the opening of the Rocky Lane/ Haywards Heath ‘relief’ road. This all appears to have come about since the removal of the temporary signs positioned on the Birch Hotel roundabout that was directing westbound A272 through-traffic along the relief road. This again proves to me that in the main the traffic in Haywards Heath is predominately through traffic. However, what I cannot understand is why it appears that local area drivers don’t make use of the Rocky Lane relief road but prefer go through the town centre using the A272 (now designated B2272) which from the Birch Roundabout means negotiating the PRH roundabout, the road junction with Colwell Road, the forever failed road surfaces of Franklynn Road, the traffic lights just beyond Frosts Garage, the ‘Sussex’ roundabout, the four sets of traffic lights in South Road and then into the Muster Green one way and emerging traffic from the Broadway, then on to the next two roundabouts at the Sergison Arms, the traffic lights at Beech Hurst Gardens then onto the traffic lights and roundabout at Tyler Green. Why would you go this way when the relief road means there are less stops and starts which in turn will mean lower fuel consumption, and more importantly a safer and definitely quicker journey time. I would like to see a return of the A272 directional signs at both ends of town which would in my view help to bring about some serenity to South Road and impose (apart from local delivery service vehicles) a 7.5 tonnes weight limit on HGVs in the town centre thereby routeing the heavier vehicles along the Rocky Lane/Haywards Heath relief road.

Brian Cuzner ,

Cedar Way

Haywards Heath