LETTER: Unsightly and a health hazard

Your letters
Your letters

I am wondering if I can use your page to make a comment about dog poo/excrement/mess etc.

I walk a large dog twice a day and can guarantee I will see a few poops on the pavement, on the path around the fields and the bridal path.

I am questioning the mentality of the dog owners who do not clear up after their dog. Who do they think is going to do it? Not only is it very unsightly it is also a health hazard. Working in a school for many years

this mess was often brought into classrooms on children’s feet.There are three types of dog owner, the one who religiously picks up their own dog mess, bags it and puts in the council dog waste bin. The owner who bags it and then flings it into a tree or leaves it on the path and the owner who never clears up their mess. The last two types of owners need to change their habits and quickly for the sake of all of us, dog people or non dog people.

I appreciate that there are no bins near either end of the bridal path and you have to carry your mess to the bin on upper Gatehouse Lane.

I am sure it would not be difficult to put dog waste bins in Gatehouse Lane by the entrance/exit and one on Jane Murray Way by the entrance/exit to the field by the bridal path, this may encourage more people to clean up after their dog.

One last comment would the man with the large dog please pick up the waste that his dog regularly leaves on the verge outside my house.

Because it is early doesn’t mean you don’t have to pick it up.

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