LETTER: Village does not need extra houses

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The introduction of Neighbourhood Planning by recent governments seems to be a cunning plan to get people to generate more housing in the areas which they would normally battle to protect causing much friction in affected areas.

Wivelsfield Parish Council have fallen into this trap and seem to be suggesting the village needs a further 50 houses than the 75 it already has allocated. Worse still, it is suggesting these go into areas not previously considered viable, allowing Lewes District Council the opportunity to put even more houses in future into the areas it has considered developable. They are even suggesting moving the planning boundaries to do this – allowing the possibility of yet more growth!Wivelsfield Parish Council should be lobbying Lewes District Council to accept the 75 new homes as meeting the development target for the village, and include only these homes in its Neighbourhood Plan. Residents be aware that the public consultation has commenced so let your Parish Council know that the village does not want or need all of these extra houses

Tom Chapman

by email