LETTER: We must embrace this resource

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Your letters

Your letter writer’s statement about her concerns about, I quote, disruptions, traffic, obnoxious fumes and damage to the fabric of the village, totally sums up correctly the result of all the anti-fracking campaigners setting up an unofficial camp site for the summer, which us older villagers, who remember the original drilling, had to run the gauntlet of if we wanted to go south.

The behaviour of some of them was disgusting, trespass on private land, destruction of habitat left for wildlife by the removal and burning of dead wood which is left for them intentionally, preventing local farmers and woodmen from going about their business etc. etc.

Until we get an alternative to oil and gas (do not say wind and sun please) Cuadrilla and similar companies are the people to save the country billions in imports, and keep the likes of your reader driving, cooking, heating their homes, and enjoying life. The only spewing out of toxic matter, as she says in her letter, is coming from the fertile imaginations of ant-fracking campaigners. Just because the antis won the Parish Council vote by a small margin, due to a lot of don’t knows (Do not know enough about it) and very good canvassing in the village, it does not mean they have a majority in the village. Come on Cuadrilla, save us struggling pensioners from fuel bills going beyond our reach, and use British oil and gas for British people, and stop importing it and making other countries rich, quite apart from the huge tankers using millions of tons of diesel which is assisting in global warming. Providing sensible safeguards are in place, we must embrace this natural British resource.

Derek Earl

High Street, Balcombe