LETTER: Well done Balcombe

Your letters
Your letters

You 30% of antis have inconvenienced motorists going to work, split the village, in all probability put up the Council Tax to pay for the policing, and put a blot on the landscape in an AONB that you keep on about.

The oil rig, as older residents called it, has been there since before most of you antis came to Balcombe, and if you had listened to Cuadrilla, instead of getting rent-a-mob in to shout them down at the village hall when they tried to explain, you would have heard that no fracking will be taking place at this visit. It is a possibility in the future, if gas is found in a commercial quantity, but at the moment they believe only oil will be found. Fracking will need a whole new set of licences and these will only be issued when all the authorities are happy that the risk is minimal. All exploration through the ages carried a risk of some sort with it.

Fracking was unheard of a couple of years ago, but now you antis are all experts, and know more about it than the people responsible for putting the safeguards in place, so that the industry can benefit the country in the future, and relieve our dependence on expensive imports.

You are on about your children’s future, but a lot of people can hardly afford today’s energy prices, yet alone in twenty years time. I have yet to see a lorry delivering goods, or a farmer producing food, powered by wind or solar power. Russia and the Middle East are laughing at us for paying their high prices, and not exploring our own resources. Rest assured, your professional clown, pop stars offspring and workshy hangers on do not give a damn about you or Balcombe, and as soon as another “cause” comes along, will all move off, boasting about what a victory they thought they had achieved. Meanwhile the 70% of moderate, neutral or pro fracking Balcombe people will keep paying our taxes and high energy prices, for your rent-a-mob to continue their lifestyle. I hope you are all proud of yourselves.

The moderates amongst us are embarrassed by the behaviour and inconvenience caused by the rent-a-mob element, and apologise to the visitors to Balcombe. THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY OF THE VILLAGE.

Derek Earl