Poor decision-making by Tories means it’s time for a change of leadership on our councils

Letters to the editor - Council clashes with campaginers over Aylesbury Vale local plan
Letters to the editor - Council clashes with campaginers over Aylesbury Vale local plan

I refer to the article ‘Burgess Hill Lib Dems and Greens form partnership on eve of elections’, Mid Sussex Times, March 14.

This new political grouping claim the Tories have run Burgess Hill Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council as closed shops for too many years, even though they only get a minority of votes. As a result, open government has suffered, and any criticism of their decision-making is treated with contempt.

This has been manifestly shown by a lack of response from MSDC to my letter entitled ‘Concern over village pollution’, Middy, March 7, where I asked Mid Sussex District Council how it was fulfilling a commitment to monitor for illegal levels of air pollution at Stone Pound crossroads in Hassocks.

This insouciant behaviour personifies the arrogant dismissal of the concerns of residents and especially those who live around this busy junction and suffer from asthma and heart disease. Daily inhalation of nitrogen dioxide increases the severity of these health conditions.

The article reveals the imbalance of political power within Mid Sussex District Council. On May 2, residents can change this unrepresentative council by voting for, not just the Liberals and Greens, but Labour too, bringing about a much broader voice on our town and district councils.

I endorse the conclusion that poor decision-making and lack of progress over the past four years indicates it is time to change the dominance of Tories on our councils. You can vote for that change on May 2.

David Hammond

North Court