Taking us back to democracy

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I found Verity Kalcev’s letter in the Middy of October 11 patronising.

Let me firstly state that I do not have any political affiliations but I do have an opinion on leaving the EU and like very many other voters did not place that vote to leave lightly. Why did I vote leave ?

The EU has become an over complicated, complex and bloated gravy train that is undemocratic and unconstitutional.

I do not want the affairs of my country decided behind closed doors by a group of politicians whose main aim is to set up a United States of Europe and who are resistant to any change.

The EU has more staff than any other EU institution with 33,000 civil servants 60 per cent of whom are on permanent contracts. When we leave the EU a very prominent MEP Brexiteer has said that in addition to his salary of £90,000 can expect to receive a yearly pension of £73,000 and a golden goodbye worth two years of salary which equates to 101,000 Euros.

The UK has 73 MEPs. Has anyone ever seen one on their doorstep or read of their actions? What do they do for their £90,000 (plus expenses) yearly salary? If I have an objection to the way in which my country is run I can lobby my local MP at his or her local surgery. Can I (or my local MP for that matter), achieve any change within the EU? Not a chance. The lack of influence is quite marked.

Over the past 20 years there have been 72 occasions in the Council of Ministers where the United Kingdom has opposed a particular measure. Of those 72 occasions and we have lost 72 times. I appreciate that we may be going into the unknown in some areas of trading and it may not be easy but we historically have been in worse positions and survived it.

I will not be lectured to by someone who will not accept the democratic vote and who nobody really takes any notice of any more. What fools we will look if we go back to Mr Juncker and say to him that we have changed our minds and we want to come back but we would like to make some changes he will just laugh in our face as he did with his insulting behaviour to our Prime Minister.

For me it’s back to an accountable democracy even in the very unlikely event that I may go hungry. It’s a long way from perfect but I really do want my country back.

Brian Cuzner

Cedar Way, Haywards Heath