Those wanting a second EU vote are asking for a ‘People’s Vote’ or is it a ‘Remainer’s Vote’?

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Could the people who wish for a second vote on leaving the European Union stop asking for the ‘People’s Vote’. The people have voted (twice).

What we should all be talking about is the ‘Remainer’s Vote’ which is a better description of the request for another vote is about.

Someone in a marketing department has invented the catch phrase ‘People’s Vote’.

When the country voted to leave the EU recently, it was in part because being in the EU was not seen as ‘good’ for the country.

Years previously the country voted to join the Common Market.

I would like to know how the UK voted in the recent referendum if all the people who were born in Europe, but voted in the UK referendum, were removed from the statistics.

J. Holmes

Coombe Rise