Volunteers have been thwarted

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With regard to concerns of traffic speedwatch in our area.

Jill Butler suggests I form a speedwatch group with Sussex Police (letters, August 23) to ‘catch the drivers himself’.

Perhaps I should inform this lady that in Newick since the introduction of a 30mph speed limit in 2003, a team of volunteers have regularly, to use her expression ‘given it a try’ at monitoring traffic speed and are still doing so.

Admirable as their intentions are, these groups are limited in monitoring time and thwarted somewhat due to the devices used apparently having no enforcement capability.

Electronic means of monitoring traffic speed, average speed camera (for example) would be a permanent determent free of police involvement allowing them as she states ‘to carry out more of the activities that require their in depth training and experience’.

However if as she opines ‘speedwatch is such a simple thing to do and does have good results’ perhaps she could inform the wider community, apparently plagued by speeding traffic, just what these good results are, how they are achieved and can be established on a permanent basis.

Roger Heath

Western Road, Newick