Bowman on the Road: Bostik Premier safety in 41 days - do we want it?

Ian Chapman on the last day last season, with Stuart Tuck in the background
Ian Chapman on the last day last season, with Stuart Tuck in the background

Back in August 2013 our current general manager John Rattle sat me down in the clubhouse and explained his exciting plans to have Burgess Hill Town FC playing in the Conference South.

Well, I was hooked nailing my colours to this great club ever since.

And what a ride it has been thus far with a stunning promotion campaign, brilliant FA Cup and Trophy runs. Not to mention a whole education into the finer points of football skills, management and the basics of running a club.

Whilst it's been a thoroughly enjoyable time there is a huge cloud on the horizon as to John's Conference South master plan.

After yesterday's home defeat we are now facing an uphill battle to save ourselves. If we go down on April 28 then would the last five years been for nothing?

Will we all be scratching our heads wondering if we could have done more? Well, the answer is yes but we have 41 days to change things!

Going down will have serious ramifications to our management team. I would run, well hobble, to the other end of the world for Chappers and Tucky but they are going to have to come up with something and soon.

As to the players, Ian has said on several occasions that he has the best squad ever assembled at the club.

Well I have seen quality, pace, skill, flair and great saves. But what I haven't seen is guts, grit, pride, heart and determination.

I wasn't there yesterday however caught the highlights. Don't get me started on the second goal, number 12 you know what I am talking about!

That sort of thing has been the norm rather than the exception this season (71 goals against).

When I spoke to the players at training a while ago i said: "As fans we are not looking for miracles but we are looking for the basics to be done right."

Since then we have let in five goals and scored one. Players, I hope you are reading this, are you up for the challenge?

The things I have mentioned above are the basis for surviving at this level. From this point if you, as a group, were to stave off relegation it wouldn't just be good for BHTFC and Mid Sussex football but it would be a huge for you as footballers.

Fans, I see that attendances are dropping, only 211 there yesterday. We need that go back on the increase and we need to try and make the Green Elephants a fortress over the next six home matches.

Our proud status as a member of the Bostik Premier family is under serious threat and the fight starts now. Going down would be a complete disaster!

We are in this together and there is still time to turn things around but that's only if we all want it.

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