Bowman on the Road: Chapman has the ability to get his team to bounce back after disappointment

Ian Chapman
Ian Chapman

One point in twelve, since a very positive result at Staines, has left Ian Chapman and everyone connected reeling.

A very poor New Year's performance in Kent was quickly followed by humiliation in front of their own fans last Saturday.

That latest result has had the Hillians fan forum lit up like a Christmas tree. Most comments understandably of a negative nature with the dreaded R word making repetitive appearance. That has got me thinking.

The Ryman Premier League Trap Door seems to come in three modes of security. One, for our near neighbours Bognor Regis and Worthing that trap is bolted shut with 4 solid bolts. Two, for bottom club Grays the door is inevitably going to cave in owing to sheer weight of poor results. But for Burgess Hill we are in a very grey area right now where the door just might stay shut by the nature of friction. We benefitted from that scenario last season when Farnborough went down instead of us.

Perhaps we can do it again come end of April.

To stay up a magical total of 52 points will be required. With 51 points a team might stay up and with 50 there is a forlorn hope. 49 points will bring about the sound of that trap door swinging. So then 52 points needed that's 24 points from 23 games, a point a game if you will. If this scenario had been in place pre Christmas than I would of freely suggested that it was doable. However the last two performances have severely shaken my resolve. The negatives are there for everybody to see but the positives could be hidden.

First up Ian Chapman has the ability to get his team to bounce back after disappointment. After Tonbridge came Enfield, after Needham came Hendon, after Hitchin came Grays and after Sudbury came Stains away. Perhaps its time to produce yet another bounce back performance at Wingate.

Secondly our home record isn't half bad with six wins coming at the Green Elephant Stadium. Twelve of our remaining games are at home so hopefully we can win 50% of those.

Third we have Super Pat Harding to come back into the fold. After missing a load of games through illness its clear that we have lacked his leadership and experience on the park. He may have lost a yard of pace, he isn't getting any younger but he will carry a real goal threat on his return.

Forth Jonah Ayunga, our big centre forward just might start to fire. The lad does have great potential but unfortunately Hillians haven't seen any of that so far. Perhaps one goal might change everything, hopefully on Tuesday evening. Score there and he might just go on a run.

Fifth, we are due a clean sheet or two. Our record in this department is woeful with just two all season. That record has got to improve at some stage. Even just another 2 would help immensely.

Sixth, there is real dedication and work going on behind the scenes to take this club to the next level. Relegation this season would reflect a huge blow to those dreams. Perhaps that resolve will manifest itself in extra cash and new signings at the appropriate time.

Burgess Hill are walking a very fine tightrope right now but hopefully a combination of the above positive's can keep that trap door up, rather than swing come 5pm on 22nd April 2017. Lets face it the alternative would be a disaster!!