FA Cup: Chairman Newell says prize money will make a 'huge difference'

Kevin Newell
Kevin Newell

Burgess Hill Town chairman Kevin Newell says the prize money the club will get if they beat Dartford in the FA Cup on Saturday will make a huge difference to the club.

But Newell also believes the FA and Premier League needs to help clubs at the Hillians out if they want the national team to be a success.

He said: “£12,500 if we win and it will make a huge difference to our season if we do it and it will make a huge difference to our directors.

“To keep playing at this level, it’s a huge commitment from all the people who are interested in the football club.

“You can look at professional football, Premier League football and look at the numbers. Neymar’s salary for 10 hours work would pay for us for a season. It’s bonkers, and we are the people who make it happen.

“Where are the young footballers with the energy and the appetite to play at that level?

“They are the ones you need to pull out of the Non League.

“We need the support of the FA and the Premier League to put money into football at our level if you ever want to see an England team that is any better than mediocre.”