Fan’s view: Luckily I missed Crawley Town fail to take their chances

Crawley Town fan Steve Herbert
Crawley Town fan Steve Herbert

Football is a game of chances, if you take them then usually you get a result. Unfortunately on Saturday at Colchester Crawley failed to take theirs.

It didn’t help that we handed the Essex boys a 3-0 half-time lead. Captain fantastic Jimmy Smith managed to pull one goal back after half-time, but that was all Reds could muster.

I write this column from my Ibiza sun bed, so luckily for me I missed Saturday’s latest hiccup.

But I land back at Gatwick at midday on Tuesday and I will sure as hell be at Stevenage that evening to hopefully see us put the Colchester result behind us.

It’s lucky that I have such a loving and understanding wife that allows me the freedom to follow my local football team around the length and breadth of this country.

Talking of countries, is it just me that feels the elite of the elite of world football FIFA has betrayed football fans across the globe by literally selling its soul by allowing both Russia next summer and Qatar in 2022 to host the next two World Cups.

Firstly let’s start with Russia, whose government has been funding performance enhancing drug programs to its athletes and has therefore been banned by the Olympic committee from taking part in global competitions.

As far as football goes in Russia, the game there is full of racism and violence. How does that work in today’s modern society?

As for the violence, the incidents in Marseille during the 2016 European Championships were caused by groups of Russia fans who had no interest other than to attack innocent bystanders with extreme violence.

Several Crawley fans were in Marseille for that game and all of the accounts pre-match speak of a fun, good humoured time until groups of Russian fans wearing knuckle dusters and carrying weapons entered the main squares.

The fact that Russian ministers even applauded their own natives actions shows how wrong FIFA are to be allowing the biggest football competition in the world to be staged in this corrupt country.

Good luck to any English fans travelling out there. Make sure you have decent medical insurance!

As for Qatar, who we all know are the footballing equivalent of Accrington Stanley. Actually that’s an insult to Stanley!

Moving the World Cup from summer to winter just to allow the tournament to take place there is an absolute farce.

The human rights in this country are an absolute disgrace with many migrant workers having lost their lives in the construction of stadia that will never be used again.

Both of these tournaments have been bought by big money from each respective nations and big bribes to FIFA.

It’s the way elite football is going right now with the astronomical wages and ever increasing ticket prices of our own premier league.

It is turning more and more fans to turn their backs on the moneybags elite leagues and follow there local lower league clubs like Crawley Town. For me the Premier League bubble isn’t too far away from bursting right now. Lower league football is definitely where it’s at. Come On You Reds!