Former Burgess Hill Town striker Tighe reacts to Chapman's comments on his departure

Connor Tighe in action for the Hillians last season
Connor Tighe in action for the Hillians last season

Connor Tighe has reacted to Ian Chapman's comments following the popular striker's departure from the Green Elephants Stadium.

In an interview with the Mid Sussex Times, Chapman said: "We want people at our football club that want to play for our football club and if they don't want to do that they leave and we get other people in. "Where Connor's concerned, we were just going down different roads so to speak.

"He's a really good footballer but I just felt where we are at the moment he isn't beneficial for us, therefore we need to be getting people in who work really hard for the team because we've got to get some results.

"Your child’s digital safety matters. Sponsored by Internet Matters "I'd like to thank Connor for all he's done for the club but that's the reality sometimes."

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Tighe initially tweeted: "Speechless" before adding: "The disrespect it’s a joke, saved man a job and a club from relegation by playing as a Forward not a CM and get totally disrespected... I’m out"

Burgess Hill Town fan Ryan Short tweeted: "As a fan I’m embarrassed by this interview, total lack of respect towards Connor who played a large part in us staying up. Why would you get a player who is nearing him prime as a forward revert to a midfielder??"

@AngryHillian said: "So why not play him up front then - where last season he scored more than everyone else put together! Doh!

Tighe tweeted the news on Sunday that he was leaving the club: "My Services are no longer needed, all the best to everyone at @Official_BHTFC for the rest of the season! Keep on fighting #hillians."

@the_hillians tweeted in reply to that: "I just don't get it! You should fight to keep your best players. Not play them out of position and release them Good luck for the future Connor, thanks for the memories, there is plenty of them."